Why buy vintage and second hand kids clothes?

It doesn't have to be brand new, but it's new to you! (or your little one!) ✌️
Vintage clothing is cool, and often doesn't need much more of an explanation as to why we buy and wear it! But why would you buy something that isn't vintage (yet), but has been worn before?
Well, nobody needs to be reminded how quickly kids grow! 😭 Especially when they are so little, they aren't wearing pieces for years, and they are often amazing condition. The second hand items we carry are all quality, cult-brands and in nearly new condition, so you'll be able to grab yourself a bargain in the process. Unreal. 
Did you know...

it's estimated that over £140 million worth of clothing goes into landfill each year in the UK alone


an increase of 10% in second-hand sales of clothing could save 3% more carbon, 4% more water and 1% less waste for every tonne of clothing... 

the average water footprint of a shirt and a pair of jeans is 10,000 to 20,000 litres. 🤯  the greatest amount is used in growing the cotton required!
the average lifetime for an item of clothing is estimated as 2.2 years in the UK. if we extend the life of clothing even just 9 months, it can significantly reduce its environmental impact.
clothing has the fourth largest environmental impact after housing, transport and food
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UK adults only regularly wear 44% of the clothing they own!

 we'll buy your vintage kids clothes!

We'll buy your vintage kids clothes from you!

Have you got some vintage kids clothing in your closet / garage / roof-space that you'd love to give a new lease of life into? We'll buy your vintage kids clothes from you! Send us a message and we'll be in touch about the process.